Elsevier's Dictionary of Trees, Volume 1 : North America

«...Les arbres forment une composante fondamentale de la vie et leur inventaire à l'échelle mondiale est prioritaire. Félicitations et merci, Dr. Grandtner, pour votre vision et votre engagement.»
(Dr. David Suzuki, animateur de l'émission «The Nature of Things»)

Dr. Miroslav M. Grandtner et Dr. David Suzuki

Morris Lake, Editor of World of Wood, International Wood Collectors Society

I was blown away by the comprehensive effort that Professor Grandtner has put into this work. It is the most complete I have seen and covers the major languages of the world. Congratulations.

Dexter B. Dombro, San José, Costa Rica

I was very impressed with this dictionary. I have been struggling with the ’’all over the map’’ classification of trees, especially when the same common name is used to describe a whole bunch of different species. This dictionary is well organized, easy to use and multi-lingual. Since I am planting tropical trees in Colombia, I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on Volume 2, which I assume will be South American trees. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is doing research or classification work, or trying to back track from local common names to find the scientific name. Please, please, please get the South American one published pronto!

Alana Pona, Canadian Trees Magazine exciting resource for tree enthusiasts, or scientists in forestry and conservation.

B. Galbraith, Washington State University

...a very valuable addition to the literature for professional or research-level collections.

Jan Jenik, Charles University, Prague

…a prominent cultural achievement outstanding contribution toward collaboration and better understanding in many fields of science, technology, arts and culture ...a lexicographical masterpiece.

Réjean Drouin, World of Wood, USA Bulletin of the International Wood Collectors Society

...this dictionary is highly recommended to foresters, wood specialists, botanists, environmentalists, ...linguists, and translators.

Paul Rey, Académie des sciences, inscriptions et belles-lettres, Toulouse

...un ouvrage monumental ...d'une exceptionnelle qualité scientifique.

Joan Loraine, Greencombe botanical garden, Porlock

...this is a wonderful achievement ...and a great success.

Marcel Blondeau, Progrès forestier, Sherbrooke

...un livre unique et original ...un ouvrage classique qui devrait apparaître sur le rayon des livres de référence des bibliothèques.

Jerzy Fabiszewski, Agricultural University, Wroclaw

...a monumental dictionary ...a great book of tree biodiversity.

Christine Renaud, Centre de recherche en biologie forestière, Québec

...un volume de référence complet et simple d'utilisation.

Pierre Dansereau, professeur émérite de l’Université du Québec à Montréal et écologiste de renommée internationale

...mille mercis pour ce travail de bénédictin

Régent Gravel, Forestry Chronicle, Institut forestier du Canada

...this book is an ode to our world heritage patrimony.

Josef Konôpka, Slovenské lesokruhy, Bratislava

...une œuvre collective remarquable... un véritable trésor de l’humanité.

Margarita Rodriguez, Student of Linguistics, Barcelona

...let me congratulate you on the accomplishments of the first volume of the WDT and the ongoing work of your team. I am sure humanity will be grateful for your efforts in the middle of our indebtedness to Mother Earth.

Eugen Král, Lesnická práce, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy

...une œuvre scientifique d’une incroyable érudition, qui devrait avoir sa place dans toute bonne bibliothèque.

JBRIT (SIDA), Botanical Research Institute of Texas incredible index easy reference.

Marilyn Marshall, England, researching the trees of Hainan Island preparatory to writing a children’s book

…Thank you so much for your very detailed response. . . .I’m really happy now that I discovered your website, and I will revisit it regularly to look for your updates.

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